Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts of the day

It is a balmy 12 degrees outside right now. It has been ridiculously cold around here for the last couple of days. My car doesn't like it when its this cold. I'm always afraid it won't start and I'll end up being late for work. Sometimes I have to ask myself, "Is it really worth living here?"

Fortunately, in Rochester, we haven't been impacted as much with the housing slump. I heard on the radio that our sister city Buffalo has the fourth strongest housing market in the United States right now. I think it's because our housing values never went up like they did in other parts of the country over the last ten years. Around here, the property taxes are so high that it really keeps housing prices in check. They don't go up much and they don't go down much. They just creep up really slowly over time. You don't hear about people making a killing flipping houses around here like they do in the southern states.

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